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The protagonists are Esther and Sasha, as they're dealing with the struggle of long distance relationships and the oddly omnipresent feeling of disconnection we all feel with broken wifi - especially in times of isolation and social distancing.

✳Disconnected is a my first visual novel game as a result of a one week Game Jam.
little bugs or grammatical mistakes are possible and feel free to mention. :)

materialized by:

✳ Story, Illustration and Programming: 

Anna-Lena Kutzki / Lenni

find me on Instagram: 


✳ Music:

Jon Gegelman - Lofi Nostalgia 

✳ Soundeffects:

Manuel Tröndle



windows_202138_115831.zip 73 MB
mac_202138_115928.zip 72 MB

Install instructions

■ download zip

■ unpack it

■ and click on RUN.exe

■ have fun :)


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The illustrations were warm and lively but the music gave me chills and both combined created a very interesting atmospehre that made me unsure of how to feel. Exacly like how you feellost when your internet is down. 

Really enjoyed it ~


I enjoyed discovering and reading about the details in each scene.I think the style works out really nicely, too.

Thanks for sharing you game.


This was good!! I loved looking at all the little things in the apartment! And I really liked Esther, she‘s cute! As to Sasha... I have my own opinions about Sasha


I love the flat and the little details! :D


love the interactive elements, story and visuals!! :oo